How to make ACH payments

1 minute read

24 May 2022

How To

ACH payments are low cost, high-speed US domestic transfers used not only for transfers, but paying bills and trading quickly as well. 

To make an ACH payment, you'll need the following recipient information to hand: 

  • Full name (as shown on bank account) 
  • Address 
  • Bank name 
  • ABA routing number & bank account number 

Next, follow these simple steps: 

  • Login to (or setup) your Zenus account on our app or website. 
  • Setup the recipient as a contact in your account (using their information above). 
  • Select ‘Transfer / Deposit’ and then ‘To US bank account’. 
  • Input required send amount, select your recipient and the purpose of transaction. 
  • Confirm details are correct on the payment summary, before clicking ‘Continue’ to make the payment. 
  • Finally, your ACH receipt will pop up with the options to save it or dismiss. 

Other ways to transact 

At Zenus Bank, we offer multiple ways to transfer funds. Visit our money transfer comparison guide to find the method that best suits your needs. 

If you need further assistance, please contact our Client Services team or call us on +1 833-936-8711 (US toll-free). Open 9-5 EST (we speak English & Spanish).