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Founded in 2019, Zenus is an innovative, US digital bank and technology provider, that is taking banking beyond borders.

Zenus gives people and businesses worldwide access to the security, freedom, and convenience of US banking and leading cross-border payment services.

Providing Retail, Business, and Institutional bank accounts, alongside Payment and BaaS capabilities, Zenus is creating a world where physical borders don’t limit access to financial services.

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We are happy to speak with journalists from around the world. For media inquiries, interviews, or requests for assets, brand guidelines, or our media pack, journalists worldwide are welcome to contact us at press@zenus.com.

Please note only media inquiries will receive a response via this email.

If you’re a Zenus Bank client, please speak to our Client Services team, who will be happy to assist you.

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You can download our logos.

For clarity, utilize the Zenus logo when referencing the group or fintech services, and the Zenus Bank logo when referencing our banking products, or the subject is related to banking.

Leadership team

We have the perfect blend of banking, technology experience, and entrepreneurial drive at the helm.

For detailed profiles, including photos and bios, please contact us at press@zenus.com.

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