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BIN Sponsorship 

Are you an established bank or Issuing Processor? Are you looking to expand your revenue streams, retain clients, and boost customer satisfaction by offering a US-issued Visa card? 

Unlock seamless access to Visa’s global acceptance and payment infrastructure. Explore our unique cross-border BIN Sponsorship for prompt and cost-effective integration. 


BaaS with Zenus

Unlock the power of Zenus’ banking infrastructure through APIs, and leverage our expertise, technology, and licenses to create your own embedded banking experiences.

Whether you aim to enhance your product portfolio or launch your very own digital banking platform, our BaaS solution enables you to do so efficiently, saving you valuable time and resources compared to starting from scratch.


Zenus Fintech BaaS 2 (1)
Zenus Fintech PaaS 2

Payment solutions 

Elevate your business with our payment capabilities and embrace the future of payment solutions. Easily handle real-time payments and achieve significant cost savings with our Fast Funds solution.

Moreover, use Zenus Payment Facilitator (PayFac) to streamline payment processes, increase sales, and improve the overall customer experience. PayFac equips you with enhanced capabilities for secure and speedy payment processing.


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