Who we are

Zenus is a global digital bank that is building the next generation of cross-border embedded finance. Founded in 2019 with a mandate to enable banking beyond borders, today the organization enjoys a global presence and is recognized in the industry as a forefront innovator. Zenus Bank operates at the intersection between traditional finance and cutting-edge technological innovation. 

As a fully licensed bank, it offers the security, stability, and convenience of a US-regulated financial institution. Meanwhile, as a technology pioneer, Zenus is spearheading the world’s transition towards Banking-as-a-Service. By enabling other organizations to leverage its patented processes, Zenus Bank is helping to introduce a new era of new, exceptional financial services.

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Where we're heading

our vision

To create a world where physical borders don’t limit the financial services you have access to.

our mission

To build a financial institution that gives people and businesses across the world access to the security, freedom and convenience of US banking.

Awards and recognition

We take great joy in marking our accomplishments as they remind us that we are making a positive impact on the world. Each new accolade proves that our vision is increasingly shared by people, and therefore that little bit closer to being the widely accepted norm.



Our leadership

We have the perfect blend of banking, technology experience and entrepreneurial drive at the helm.

Meet the leadership team

Zenus Bank Leadership team
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Working at Zenus

At Zenus Bank, we cultivate a collaborative and innovative work culture. With a diverse team of professionals spanning the globe, we are dedicated to redefining banking experiences through creativity and excellence.

If you’re ready to contribute to revolutionizing cross-border banking and payments, explore the exciting career opportunities at Zenus Bank.

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