Zenus Amplifies Banking with Fintech: The Future of Payments in Puerto Rico

13 Nov 2023

Today, Zenus announces the launch of its Fintech division, providing cutting-edge payment and banking services tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations in Puerto Rico and abroad. The launch follows the successful integration of FUEX into the wider Zenus brand, fully aligning the payments processor’s innovative capabilities with Zenus’ overarching mission - to take banking beyond borders.

“The launch of Zenus Fintech is another step towards achieving our vision of creating a world where physical borders don’t limit the financial services you have access to. We are bringing truly innovative and unique payment services to Puerto Rico and beyond.”

Jose A. Diaz, Zenus Bank Chief Executive Officer

"The seamless integration of FUEX technology and services into the Zenus fabric affirms the strategic alignment of the two former businesses. We’re now exceptionally well-positioned to bring the best Fast Funds and Payment Facilitation services, from leading providers, such as Visa, to Puerto Rican businesses. For too long Puerto Rico companies and residents have been underserved – with the launch of Zenus Fintech we aim to correct this.”

Candido Alfonso, FUEX President and COO

Zenus Fintech

The new Zenus Fintech division complements the existing international banking services provided by Zenus Bank. Zenus Fintech is dedicated to delivering advanced payment and banking technology services that enable businesses to create new customer propositions, reduce costs, accelerate or introduce new revenue growth.

The first services available through Zenus Fintech are Payment Facilitation (PayFac) and Fast Funds.

Zenus Fintech Services

Fast Funds – Our technology, coupled with Visa Principal Membership enables domestic and worldwide, near-real-time payments through fast, secure payment rails. Using Fast Funds, organizations will be able to reduce the cost and processing times of payments, gaining an invaluable competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment.

Payment Facilitation – The solution that provides organizations with seamless and highly secure payment acceptance for digital transactions. Facilitating the monetization of payments, cost reductions, and faster processing for businesses, while also enabling more and better digital payment options for their customers.