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BIN Sponsorship

Explore Zenus Bank’s unique BIN sponsorship. Our exclusive offering enables seamless global card issuance with cross-border authorization under our Visa Principal Membership. 

Associate Membership

Unlock Visa’s power with Zenus Bank as your sponsor. Join our Associate Membership program for seamless access to the Visa network and enable your institution to thrive in the era of digital payments. 

Experiences that delight

Zenus’ unique BIN Sponsorship program gives you the ability to issue virtual and physical USD debit cards seamlessly without the cost, time, and resources required to obtain and operate your own license.

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Increase revenue

Generate revenue by issuing USA originated debit cards with no need for a banking license.

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Affordable BIN access

Acquire a BIN without high expenses, ensuring optimal value and reduced spending.

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Regulatory ease

Focus on strategy and go-to-market while we manage regulatory complexities and accreditation procedures.

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Fast market entry

Streamline accreditation, reduce paperwork, and expedite program launch for efficient market entry.

Your Success, Your Card – Multiple Card Options


You can issue these cards internationally with one BIN and one partner – us! While other BIN sponsors serve one jurisdiction, Zenus lets you issue cards internationally. 

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One partner, many opportunities

Zenus-sponsored cards feature all the expected Visa global advantages – worldwide acceptance, security, and convenience.

What sets us apart? You can issue these cards internationally! While other BIN sponsors serve one jurisdiction, Zenus lets you issue cards internationally, so you only deal with us for your global issuing needs.

Transparent technology

The Zenus BIN sponsorship program is primarily designed for international Issuer Processors or large financial organizations already integrated with Visa card services and aiming to broaden their operations and global reach.

Our technology is easy to integrate with and our team of experts will have you up and running in no time. With a focus on innovation, accessibility, and reliability, our technology stands as the cornerstone empowering seamless global financial expansion for businesses and institutions alike.

Zenus BIN Sponsorship Transparent Technology
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What is BIN Sponsorship with Zenus?

Zenus is a unique bank – no branches, no complex multinational licensing, no geographical barriers. And our BIN sponsorship is no different.

With our exclusive authority for cross-border customer acceptance and card issuance, and using our own Visa Principal Membership for card services, we can issue a Zenus- or partner-branded Visa card internationally. Other sponsors may unlock a market, Zenus opens up the world. 


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Frequently asked questions

What is BIN sponsorship, and how does it benefit businesses?

BIN sponsorship, short for Bank Identification Number sponsorship, also known as Issuance-as-a-Service, is a service that enables businesses to issue payment cards without requiring them to possess their own banking license. This service involves partnering with a licensed financial institution, such as Zenus, that provides access to its payment infrastructure and regulatory permissions. The significance of BIN sponsorship lies in its ability to streamline the process of card issuance. Without the need for a banking license, businesses can swiftly enter the market, accelerating product launches and facilitating seamless transactions. This streamlined access not only expedites the time-to-market for new financial products or services but also enhances customer convenience by offering a wider array of payment options.

What industries can benefit from Zenus Bank’s BIN sponsorship services?

Businesses across diverse sectors, including innovative fintech ventures, e-commerce platforms, payment solution providers, as well as established brands with large, loyal user bases can harness the power of Zenus Bank’s BIN sponsorship services. Our streamlined approach facilitates efficient payment card issuance and market access, empowering companies to accelerate growth and delight their customer base.

What are the key features of Zenus Bank’s BIN sponsorship program?

Zenus Bank’s BIN sponsorship program facilitates cross-border Visa card issuance internationally. Seamlessly blending global accessibility and local engagement, Zenus grants customers the ability to offer their own clients effortless access to US-originated, USD-denominated debit cards, letting them access to the world’s premier banking system. Businesses partnering with Zenus benefit from an efficient ecosystem, issuing virtual and physical debit cards while significantly reducing costs and time, as well as nurturing a significant new revenue stream.

At Zenus, we simplify processes and enable rapid integration through advanced, API-first technologies. This simplification eliminates complexities, empowering card issuers to generate revenue efficiently. End users enjoy global convenience for international purchases and exclusive perks like travel benefits and enhanced rewards.

How does Zenus streamline the process of obtaining BIN sponsorship?

Zenus provides a structured approach for businesses seeking sponsorship, offering dedicated support and guidance through the intricate regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance standards are met. This process involves detailed consultations to understand the unique needs of each business, followed by tailored solutions designed to expedite the approval process. Additionally, our established relationships with regulatory bodies and efficient communication channels play a significant role in expediting approvals.

How does Zenus facilitate regulatory compliance as a BIN sponsor?

Zenus, a Visa Principal Member and fully regulated BIN sponsor, prioritizes regulatory compliance and robust support for our sponsored parties. Partnering with Zenus offers access to cutting-edge technology, processes, and industry standards, ensuring seamless compliance. We are a reliable,innovative partner for global organizations seeking BIN sponsorship, guaranteeing compliance with card networks’ regulations, maintaining transparent records, and prioritizing consumer protection through dispute resolution and clear program terms. Our diligence ensures financial system integrity, emphasizing collaboration with legal, compliance, and regulatory experts.

Can Zenus customize BIN sponsorship solutions for specific business needs or verticals?

Absolutely, Zenus specializes in crafting personalized BIN sponsorship solutions that precisely cater to diverse business needs and verticals, ensuring tailored support for each client. Our approach involves in-depth analysis and collaboration to deliver effective solutions that evolve with changing market dynamics and client demands.

Do I need a Money Service Business license to be able to process payments through a BIN sponsorship?

Yes. In order to be able to process payments, your organization needs a Money Service Business license and an Anti-Money Laundering program, which we will audit regularly.

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If you’re in need of a BIN sponsor, Zenus offers exceptional opportunities for international debit card issuance. Reach out to explore how we can meet your specific needs!

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