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Zenus Bank is about more than just banking. Get more from life with our exclusive range of services and benefits

Travel happy

You’ll love the exclusive range of travel features and benefits included with your Zenus Visa Infinite debit card.

Everything you need to travel is covered by our personalized range of options, helping you journey safely, securely and in style.

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Buy with confidence

No matter where you are or what you buy, your Visa Infinite debit card purchases are always protected with Zenus.

We offer a range of features that provide the reassurances you need every time you spend money.

From price and purchase protection to extended warranties, we’ve got you covered.

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Everyday Luxury

Enjoy life’s little luxuries with our exclusive range of services.

Whether it’s booking a week at a high-end hotel or making a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant, your Zenus membership card gives you access to a whole new world of possibilities.

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Benefits at your fingertips

Manage all your benefits and policies or make claims with our online portal anywhere, anytime.

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Enjoy the benefits of a US bank with a Zenus bank account.


Check if your country is eligible for Zenus Bank account and Visa Infinite card.

Your eligibility for a Zenus Bank account and Visa Infinite debit card depends on your country of residence not your nationality. 

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Visa virtual and physical cards are available

Visa virtual and physical cards are not available