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Reduce costs and increase your financial efficiency with a US bank account


Zenus Bank Security And Confidentiality
Security & confidentiality

Rest easy knowing your money is safe in a fully regulated US bank

Zenus Bank USD Stability
USD stability

Protect your profit from local currency fluctuations and benefit from the strength in the US dollar

Zenus Bank Frictionless Multi Currency
Frictionless banking

Pay or transfer money internationally quickly and easily to the people and businesses you want to

Zenua Bank Reduce Costs
Reduce costs

Make and receive payments in the US for less than the equivalent international costs

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Our business banking accounts are designed for small or single director businesses that need an international edge.

If you’re a consultant, freelancer, content creator or Amazon drop shipping, this is the account for you.

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Zenus Bank Turquoise ISO

Safe & Secure

Your personal and financial information is secured by ISO standards.

Zenus Bank Turquoise Protected Funds

Licensed & Regulated

Bank with confidence, knowing our operations are fully regulated.

Zenus Bank Turquoise Protected

Protected Funds

We are a full reserve bank. 100% of your funds are kept in the bank ​at all times.

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