Zenus Payment Facilitation (PayFac) is an integrated payment processing solution that unlocks fast, secure, and seamless transactions, elevating customer experiences and increasing revenue. With robust security and efficient processing technology, PayFac simplifies payment acceptance, streamlines operations, and drives growth.

How PayFac helps

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Revenue boost

Increase revenue with a diverse range of accepted digital payment methods, from cards to digital wallets.

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Quick deployment

Our advanced APIs and minimal onboarding time offer easy and secure deployment, getting you operational in days.

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Minimize risks

Enjoy the full security and scalability of our cloud-native, PCI DSS-compliant technology without the burden of PCI compliance.

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Effortless insights

Harness the power of data with our intuitive merchant portal, turning payments into actionable insights for smarter decision-making.

Lightning-fast deployment

Accelerate you market entry with Zenus PayFac. Launch and scale your business with unprecedented speed, as our swift deployment process slices through technical complexity. Embrace the agility our modern RESTful APIs for a seamless transition from setup to transaction – reducing overheard and propelling you ahead of the competition.

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Faster onboarding

Experience swift application and onboarding – get approved for an account in as little as 30 seconds and onboarded within one hour of signing up. Our quick and efficient process ensures you’re up and running promptly, making the whole process entirely pain-free.

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Zenus Fintech Faster Onboarding
Zenus Fintech Merchant Portal

Our solution and merchant portal

Dive into a seamless payment experience with Zenus PayFac’s rapid deployment, PCI Level 1 security, and robust reporting capabilities.

Our merchant portal helps you manage your transactions, address chargebacks with ease, and access insightful reports – all within a single, clear interface. This means you get streamlined account management, real-time transaction tracking, and actionable insights for unmatched efficiency.

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Merchant/Enterprise clients

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Enable embedded payments and support all major credit cards/digital wallets.

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Heightened security with PCI DSS compliance, tokenization, encryption, and PCI 3DS.

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Secure card-not-present transactions for optimized online sales.

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Boost efficiency with ACH/SameDay ACH options for faster transactions.

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Individual customers/Retail clients

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Pay with their preferred method – Visa, Mastercard, and others.  

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Enjoy seamless shopping, making online and in-store purchases more convenient.

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Speed through checkout due to fast transaction processing.

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Experience piece of mind with leading payment security.

Frequently asked questions

What is a payment facilitator?

A payment facilitator, also known as a payfac, is a solution that simplifies the process of enabling payment acceptance for merchants by aggregating and facilitating payment transactions on their behalf. A payment facilitator offers a more adaptable, efficient approach to payment processing compared to conventional merchant acquirers.

How is the Zenus PayFac program different from a traditional processor relationship?

Traditional merchant acquiring involves time-consuming steps primarily linked to risk assessments. This includes a protracted application process that requires accompanying paperwork, manual underwriting, and a hard credit check, making it a cumbersome and inefficient procedure. On the other hand, Zenus PayFac expedites the process to mere minutes, removing the need for documentation and credit inquiries, and guaranteeing a smooth payment acceptance experience for clients. 

What are embedded payments?

Embedded payments seamlessly integrate the payment process into another application or platform, allowing users to make payments without leaving the application. This is a significant improvement over “integrated payments,” which historically caused brand disruption and led to enrollment abandonment. 

Does Zenus PayFac support embedded payments?

Yes, Zenus PayFac provides embedded payments functionality. Our solution enables merchants to handle payments effortlessly and securely within their websites or applications while also eliminating concerns about any technical intricacies. PayFac delivers robust security, improved user experience, as well as enhanced customization and merchant control. 

How does PayFac ensure the seamless and secure integration of global leading payment rails for our business?

PayFac seamlessly integrates your business with global payment rails through modern RESTful APIs, advanced security, and strategic partnerships.

Leading technology:

  • We utilize modern RESTful APIs for efficient connectivity to global payment networks.
  • Strategic partnerships: Our alliances with major payment entities ensure both reliability and efficiency.
  • Robust security: We employ encryption and tokenization, meeting industry standards like PCI DSS.
  • Easy integration: Our design simplifies technical complexities, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Dedicated support: Our team provides human assistance for swift issue resolution.

By combining these elements, PayFac guarantees secure and straightforward integration with the world’s leading payment infrastructures.

How is PayFac superior to other solutions?

PayFac is a state-of-the-art solution that empowers ISVs and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) vendors to seamlessly incorporate payment acceptance into their products and platforms. Our onboarding process is exceptionally efficient, allowing for rapid deployment with zero risk and underwriting processes for the payment facilitator.

Security wise, Zenus PayFac provides a highly advanced solution. We utilize PCI-validated P2PE to ensure end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the security and compliance of your transactions. Furthermore, our advanced tokenization technology offers maximum data protection by having your software platform store tokens instead of sensitive card data.

PayFac offers greater control over the payment process, enabling customized solutions. To learn more, visit our comprehensive API documentation and sandbox.

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