While major banks have provided a convenient method for customers to make transfers, sending money abroad often comes at a higher cost. Whether it's excessive transaction fees or poor exchange rates, international money transfers have become expensive for consumers.

The challenge with international money transfers

In many countries around the world, making international payments or transfers can be problematic.

Limited access

Accessing global financial services and taking advantage of new opportunities can be a daunting task in many places around the world. Traditional banking systems often lack the infrastructure and reach to seamlessly connect with the international financial community.

High fees

Sending and receiving funds across borders can be very costly. Developing economies are frequently subject to hefty transaction fees, high foreign exchange charges and hidden costs. This makes it difficult for individuals and businesses to be a part of the global marketplace.

Lengthy processing times

International money transfer often suffers from sluggish processing times, causing delays and inefficiencies. This can severely hinder business operations, disrupt personal financial plans, and limit opportunities for economic growth.

Currency conversion challenges

Dealing with multiple currencies can be a headache. Developing economies often struggle with unfavorable exchange rates, exposing individuals and businesses to potential losses during cross-border transactions.

How Zenus can help

Global compatibility

Having a full US bank account grants you unparalleled compatibility with the rest of the world. A Zenus bank account lets you carry out ACH, Wire/SWIFT and Zenus transfers with ease, both within the US and internationally. As such, you can conduct transactions seamlessly and take advantage of global opportunities.

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Convenience & efficiency

Being a part of the US banking system means you’ll enjoy streamlined processes and efficient services. Experience faster transaction times, lower costs, as well as effortless cross-border transfers and payments that keep your financial life running smoothly.

Financial freedom

Zenus Bank can help you unlock a world of financial possibilities. A US bank account lets you shop online with ease, opens new markets for your business, provides access to advanced financial tools, and helps you safeguard against currency volatility or depreciation thanks to the stability of the US dollar. In other words, you gain more control over your financial life.

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Reduced costs

Many banks around the world charge high fees and hidden charges, especially for international transfers/payments. With a US bank account, you can enjoy competitive exchange rates, lower transaction costs, and access to cost-effective international payment solutions. This way, you get to keep more of your money!

How to apply

3 easy steps to your Zenus Bank account 


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1. Prepare

Have your documents ready before you start.

What documents do I need?

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2. Apply

Install the Zenus Bank app and complete our application form.


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3. Bank

We will let you know if your account has been approved.