How to Fund Your Account

At Zenus, we believe in helping you take control of your finances. Funding your Zenus bank account is quick and free, offering various options – Zenus Transfer from another client, Wire/SWIFT transfer. To fund your Zenus bank account, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Verify Your Account Is Active

To receive funds, it’s crucial for your account to have an active status. To activate your account, you need to log in at least once after your application has been approved. 

Zenus Bank Blurple Zenus App
Step 2: Initiate a Transfer

To ensure your funds arrive safely, follow these instructions: 

  • Contact the financial institution where you have your money or use their banking platform to initiate a transfer. 
  • Use the appropriate bank account details based on the currency of origin, e.g. USD, EUR, GBP etc. 

Please note that all funds deposited into Zenus bank accounts will be denominated in US dollars. For assistance in locating your Zenus bank account number, please refer to our How to See My Full Account Number? article. 

Zenus Bank Blurple Transfer
Zenus Bank Blurple Zenus App
Zenus Bank Blurple Transfer
Zenus Bank Debit Card And App

Open a World of Benefits

Seamless Transfers: Move money either locally or across borders effortlessly, simply choose a transfer type that works best for your needs. 

Low FX Rates: Transfer money into more than 40 international currencies and enjoy full flexibility and control over your global finances. 

No Limit on Payments: No restrictions on the volume or value of payments that you can receive or send. 

Multilingual Customer Support: If you need any help, our English and Spanish-speaking client services team will ensure your questions are answered and your needs are met. 

Take the first step towards financial empowerment by funding your Zenus bank account today.  Join our growing community of individuals who are transforming the way they handle their finances and opening doors to new possibilities. 

Take control