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We’re open to all but think there’s some Zenus People that will really benefit from our services. Especially as you can apply for an account from almost anywhere in the world and don’t need to be US citizen or resident. 

Get the Zenus edge

You know you could be winning more business, working with bigger clients or paying less fees. Zenus is here to give you the professional edge 

Increase business opportunities

Not able to join consulting and freelance job sitesFind services like PayPal are not available? Zenus is a US bank, you can link our accounts quickly and easily with platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer and you can apply for one from anywhere in the world.

Be easier to work with

Potential US clients not willing to make international payments or won’t make them into an electronic bank account like TransferWise? Zenus gives your business a bank account in the US and in your nameSo those new clients can pay you with no cost local payments.

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Save time & money

Find yourself losing money in FX as you get paid and pay for services? Receiving funds into your Zenus USD account is free and FX will be done at institutional rates. You’re then free to make payments in USD to suppliers, for services or licences, saving you FX fees.

Show your best side

Can’t get on a preferred suppliers listHaving a US bank account is a basic requirement for most procurement. Show your stature and overcome this challenge with a Zenus business account.

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