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Open up a new world of business

Open a US business bank account in under 20 minutes. No need to be a US citizen, resident or registered company

Take control of your finances

Reduce costs and increase your financial efficiency with a US bank account
Security & Confidentiality

Rest easy knowing your money is safe in a US regulated bank

Stability in USD

Protect your profit from local currency fluctuations and benefit from the strength in the US dollar

Frictionless banking

Pay or transfer money internationally quickly and easily to the people and businesses you want to

Reduce costs

Make and receive payments in the US for less than the equivalent international costs

Expand beyond your borders

Do more business and save costs with a US bank account

Win more business

Meet those preferred supplier requirements with a bank your clients can trust

Incorporate from abroad

Create your US business without a named US Director, improving your flexibility as a company

Increase revenues

Work with more clients and use services like Amazon, eBay & Payoneer with ease

Trade internationally

Make and receive payments in over 40 currencies, including EUR, GBP, USD

Anytime access

Hold, send and receive funds quickly and conveniently with our Apple and Android apps:

With online banking, Apple and Android apps, access your funds as and when you need to


Apply from anywhere, no travel required

Business or Corporate banking?

Select the account that works best for your business

Business banking:

Designed for small or single director businesses that need an international edge

Corporate banking:

Created for multi-owner businesses needing a global bank to power international activities

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