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Zenus Bank Ariel Puerto Rico
Why Puerto Rico could be the next international finance hub
When you think of Puerto Rico, you immediately think of endless beaches, tropical waves, the beat of reggaetón, and barbeques. Perhaps you don’t think about it being a potential global financial hub.
Zenus Bank Cashless Society
What would a cashless society look like?
The concept of a cashless society is nothing new; commentators have been predicting a firm shift away from cash for years, so it’s always been a case of if, not when. But what are the repercussions of a world with only cashless transactions?
Zenus Bank Protecting Your Wealth
Protecting your wealth
At Zenus Bank, you can open a US bank account so your wealth is sat in USD, which could provide a secure alternative to holding your money in local currencies.
Zenus Bank Women On Phone In Airport
Banking for US expats
Although you may be a US citizen, it can sometimes be hard to open a US bank account if you live in another country. We have created a US bank account for citizens living abroad that is truly responsive and quickly adapts to your needs.
Zenus Bank How To Safely Invest Your Money
How to safely invest your money
Zenus Bank can help you diversify your assets in a safe, secure manner, providing a potential alternative to the risky stock and cryptocurrency markets.
Zenus Bank How To Make A SWIFT Payment
How to make SWIFT payments
View the details required to make Swift payments safely and securely.
Zenus Bank How To Make An ACH Payment
How to make ACH payments
ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments can only be made with a US bank account and are a quick and easy method for domestic transfer.
Zenus Bank Man Working With Laptop
Which money transfer method should I use?
As a Zenus Bank client, you can send money using Zenus Transfer, ACH or SWIFT. Find out which transfer method is best for you with our comparison guide.
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