What are Zenus Transfers?

1 minute read

20 May 2022


What are Zenus Transfers? 

Zenus Transfers are a Zenus client exclusive service, enabling you to make instant payments to other Zenus clients anywhere in the world. 

International transfers can be costly and time-consuming. Traditional banks, despite having a global presence, often charge international transfer fees even though the accounts belong to the same bank (due to individual banking licenses in each region). 

Zenus Transfers are designed to solve this problem by making it free, quick and easy, no matter where you are in the world. We enable ‘banking beyond borders‘ due to our licensing status as an IFE (International Financial Entity). 

So, if you’re regularly making transfers, why not encourage friends and family to join Zenus Bank too, that way everyone benefits from fast (and free) transfers.  

Find out more on how to make your first Zenus Transfer today.