Zenus Bank partners with IDEMIA to launch its first physical payment card

5 minute read


Zenus Bank International has partnered with IDEMIA to launch the Zenus Visa Infinite Debit Card, its first-ever physical payment card.

The Zenus Visa Infinite Debit Card boasts a minimalist dark purple vertical design, complete with a metal card body and stainless-steel edge, logos printed with a premium knockout to metal effect, and card details laser-personalized in accordance with Visa’s Quick Read configuration standards.

Issued on single US BIN to over 133 Visa eligible countries, the Zenus Card enables non-US citizens and residents access to all the benefits of a US Visa debit card – and with Zenus’ online application process they will be instantly issued with a virtual Visa Infinite debit card and receive a physical card in under 10 days.

The Visa Infinite card is usually available as a credit card, but Zenus offers it as a debit card. This gives Zenus’ clients access to the highest level of benefits and purchase protection offered by Visa.

Zenus has chosen to customize IDEMIA’s Smart Metal Art (SMA) metal card offering, the world’s first metal payment card fully suitable for contactless payments without restrictions.

It took two years of close collaboration between Zenus’ product and marketing teams with IDEMIA’s project and design teams to produce the Zenus Visa Infinite Debit Card. IDEMIA’s experts were instrumental in guiding the customer through the entire journey which included four rounds of prototyping.

IDEMIA, as one of the world’s top manufacturers of smart cards equipped with its own metal card manufacturing facilities and the largest worldwide network of card personalization centers, has proven to be a good fit for Zenus’ high-end and global requirements.

For this particular project, IDEMIA’s service center in Budapest, Hungary functions as the hub for Zenus’ card personalization and distribution process globally.

Founded in 2019, Zenus is a global US digital bank committed to using the latest technologies to take banking beyond borders. It aspires to help people and businesses around the world access the benefits of US banking.