What is Visa Infinite?

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3 May 2022


What is Visa Infinite? 

When choosing who to entrust your finances with, it’s important to consider not just the banking rates, but the debit card benefits you can get on top. All Zenus Bank cards are Visa Infinite cards, which means they come with many additional benefits that not only protect your money, but give you access to exclusive perks to spice up your day to day life. 

Buy with confidence 

Our Zenus Visa Infinite debit cards come with price protection, purchase protection, and extended warranties. Guaranteeing that your purchases are protected against theft and accidental damage with a free, additional warranty of a year. Better yet, if you find the product you’ve bought for less money within 30 days, we’ll refund you the difference so you can take advantage of the best deals possible. 

Everyday luxury benefits 

We believe in enjoying life’s little luxuries, which is why all our bank cards come with high-end perks such as a digital concierge, access to a collection of luxury hotels, and an airport companion. Our digital concierge facility allows you to make reservations and get tickets to a number of experiences. While our airport companion gives you access to over 1000 airport lounges across 450 airports. 

Stress-free travel 

In addition to our luxury hotel collection and airport companion, we offer other benefits to make travelling a breeze. Never worry about lost, damaged or delayed baggage again; we offer full baggage loss and delay protection. We also include auto rental and travel accident insurance, so you have full peace of mind before you jet off to your next destination. 

Banking shouldn’t just be about numbers – it’s a lifestyle.  

Full list of Zenus Visa Infinite debit card benefits: 

  • Price protection 
  • Purchase protection 
  • Extended warranties 
  • Digital concierge 
  • Luxury hotel collection access 
  • Airport companion
  • Baggage loss coverage 
  • Baggage delay coverage 
  • Auto rental insurance 
  • Travel accident insurance 

To enjoy all of these exclusive Zenus Bank benefits and more, sign up today 

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