How to safely invest your money

2 minute read

1 Jun 2022


How to safely invest your money 

Storing your money safely and securely is an increasingly difficult problem to solve. With the stock market trending down, signalling a potential recession, as well as cryptocurrency crashes, it can be hard to know where to invest your money during this economic downturn. 

Is there a recession coming? 

Since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a recession approximately every 10-15 years. Economists across the world are predicting that a global recession is inevitable in the next couple of years.  

This is hardly surprising given what’s happened over the past few years: a pandemic, rising energy and food prices, a steep increase in inflation, and a global stock market where companies are losing market value weekly at an alarming rate. 

The crypto bubble has finally burst 

A lot of investors decided to invest in cryptocurrency as a way of diversifying their assets. Whilst it’s always a good idea to have a range of investments, cryptocurrency has been a victim of its own making. Though its lack of regulation was once heralded as a good thing as it allowed cryptos to reach dizzying heights, it’s also allowed it to plummet, leaving investors thousands or even millions of dollars out of pocket.  

With Luna recently tanking and causing other cryptos to dip in value, the volatility of the crypto market has been exposed, and many will think twice before risking more money in an unregulated market. 

Other ways to diversify your portfolio 

Although an economic downturn can be unsettling, it’s a good time to think about your financial investments. Fortunately, there are other, safer and more stable ways to invest your money and diversify your portfolio.  

As a full reserve American bank, Zenus Bank can offer stability that you can’t necessarily find anywhere else, as we won’t move your money around like fractional reserve banks. The US dollar is the most powerful currency in the world, with around 50-60% of all central bank foreign exchange reserves,  so holding USD can be greatly beneficial. Moreover, US dollars tend to be widely circulated across Latin America, which is our area of expertise. 

With so much going on in the world – a potential economic recession, increased inflation, and general instability – it’s vital that you ensure your money is safe and you choose an investment that works for you.  

A Zenus Bank account can help you diversify your assets in a safe, secure manner, providing a potential alternative to the risky stock and cryptocurrency markets.