Chairman's Letter

2 minute read

3 Jun 2021


The concept of a bank was originally designed to provide a lending service to local communities. Local being the key word. However, globalization and disruptive new technologies have increasingly put new demands on banks. Millennials do not have loyalty to their local provider and are constantly exposed to global marketing.  

Convenience, user interface and market trends continue to play a larger role in consumer decision making. In the rush to embrace the technology revolution with all of the associated freedoms and flexibility, some new FinTech companies appear to have underestimated the importance of traditional legal and regulated structures and now face an uncertain future. 

I was lucky to be part of the disruptive movement in the beginning of the 21st century that saw trading migrate from phone calls and paperwork to online platforms. As a veteran of the online trading industry, I spearheaded key trading platform developments and operated broker/dealers in the foreign exchange/derivative markets that witnessed first-hand how regulation around the world developed to adapt to these new ways of transacting.  

Throughout my journey, I worked with brilliant people and gathered inspiration from business dealings in six continents, servicing a wide spectrum of clients. This experience made it clear how FinTech innovation under geopolitical fragmentation has actually magnified the problem of social financial exclusion and widened the opportunity gap between the Western world and a huge demographic of people. 

The concept of Zenus Bank, therefore, is to be one of the first banks in United States to service global clientele. Equipped with the latest in omnichannel digital banking technology, we expect to enable individuals and corporates to safely access, send, receive and store their hard-earned money.  

We are a self-funded, successful team of experienced financial service professionals who have come up with a targeted business plan, acquired the necessary regulatory approvals and begun building the infrastructure of a very scalable bank. 

Simply put, we are doing what we do well: financial services. By design and necessity, we are heavily dependent upon technology, but our strength is managing the integration of proven processes and technologies, both recent and mature, while fulfilling the needs of our stakeholders. We design our processes and choose our tools with the goal of delivering the best customer experience, while making sure to comply with all rules and regulations. 

Our management team, strategic advisors and I are committed to making this a notable and successful venture and invite you to be a part of it. 

Thank you, 

Mushegh Tovmasyan 

Chairman & Founder