Zenus bank implements Fortress Identity

Miami, FL

November 25th, 2019

Zenus Bank Implements Fortress Identity Compound Biometrics to streamline onboarding and compliance for its global customers.

With the latest in technology and an international banking license, Zenus offers remote account opening for Deposits, Payments and Custody for individuals and companies worldwide for a truly borderless banking experience.

Zenus chose the Fortress Identity Onboarding Authentication platform to complement their state-of-the-art access control, transaction approval, fraud detection and compliance services. Fortress Identity streamlines the onboarding process using facial and voice recognition combined with artificial intelligence. They provide a high level of KYC/AML (know your customer) security, compliance and totally digital onboarding — key attributes for an innovative bank.

The Fortress Identity Authentication platform can validate thousands of identification documents from hundreds of countries in just a few seconds and compare the customer’s ID to their “selfie” providing a high level of security for the bank as well as the customer. “We wanted to work with a vendor that provides a full cycle integration of customer biometric validation and frictionless connectivity with the multiple vendors we need to consult for financial irregularities and fraud prevention.” says Mushegh Tovmasyan, Chairman of Zenus Bank.

Alessandro Chiarini, CEO of Fortress Identity, says, “Selection by Zenus confirms our vision of a unified identification platform that uses compound biometrics for onboarding, authentication and compliance and is an excellent strategy for banks that are innovating. Our platform eliminates the need for passwords and other weak links in the security chain, and smooths the overall customer experience. And reduces risk in the process.”

“By working with Fortress Identity for both beginning the digital identity journey and downstream compound biometric authentication, we are delivering an elegant and accessible customer experience, while making sure to comply with all rules and regulations,” affirms Mushegh Tovmasyan.

About Fortress Identity. Headquartered in Miami, Fortress Identity’s mission is to create deeper trust between companies, their employees, and their customers through the power of easily implemented compound biometric user authentication solutions. https://fortress-identity.com and @Fortress_ID on Twitter; @fortr3ss.com on LinkedIn.

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