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We don’t lend, invest or trade your money, so it is always available when you need it

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Our automated digital banking enables you to transfer and move your money wherever and whenever you need

Enjoy exclusive price and payment protection on purchases made with your debit card

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Pay bills, transfer money and trade quickly and cheaply with ACH payments

Make and receive payments in the US for far less compared to international alternatives

Funds arrive without any worries and much faster so both you and your payee can access them more quickly

Your personal and financial data remains safe at all times

International transfers? No problem

Make and receive international payments with ease using the SWIFT network

Low-fee international transfers are simple to do online or from the Zenus app

Make and receive payments in over 40 currencies. Including EUR, GBP, USD

Payment tracking enables you to follow every step of the transfer from start to finish


Make instant payments to other Zenus members anywhere in the world using our ZenTransfer service

It’s free and easy to do, and only takes a matter of minutes to set-up

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