The Zenus-UNEP Partnership

Our partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) isn't just a collaboration; it's a natural alignment of shared values. UNEP, the leading global authority on sustainable development since 1972, resonates with Zenus' commitment to providing accessible, quality banking in underserved regions. With our mission to take Banking beyond borders, we unite efforts to empower global financial inclusion.

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Our commitments

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Financial Inclusion

Empowering the underbanked globally through accessible financial services.

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Gender Equality

Promoting fairness in our operations and enabling women’s economic independence through our products.

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Reducing Inequalities

Striving to diminish socio-economic gaps by championing easy access to financial services and supporting economic mobility.

Zenus Bank's UNEP FI Impact Report

Zenus Bank's UNEP FI Impact Report showcases our dedication and commitment to fostering financial inclusion, gender equality, and reducing inequalities. This annual report reflects our strategy's contribution to global financial inclusion and captures our progress and plans for empowering clients worldwide.

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