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About the role

We are a seeking an Incident Manager with 5+ years of experience running Incident Management or Production Support Operations.

As an Incident Manager, you will be responsible for solving complex problems with information technology software and hardware, while maintaining incident logs and processing incident reports for review with upper management. You will provide training for technical support teams and develop procedural manuals and runbooks for various IT issues.

To succeed in this role, you will have to have the ability to handle and perform well in stressful situations, while exhibiting a calm professional demeanour.

Responsibilities & duties:

  1. The incident manager has the overall responsibility and authority during the incident. They coordinate and direct all facets of the incident response effort As a rule of thumb, the incident manager is responsible for all roles and responsibilities until they designate that role to someone else.

  2. Must be able to handle various tasks to successfully meet all of the demands of this job. According to several job listings and other resources that we looked at, the following are core Incident Manager duties and responsibilities.

  3. Ensure that both employees and customers using the technical products of companies receive technical support. They build technical teams and oversee responses to technical issues regarding software applications and systems.

  4. Perform thorough Root Cause Analysis and present to executive audience.

  5. Keeping a log of incidents is an important task of Incident Managers. This not only helps them to keep track of any issues and ensures resolution, but also assists them in examining incidents and establishing processes to help prevent or minimize similar problems from arising.

  6. Will develop procedures and policies by which technical support teams will operate. These processes will be applied to help in such areas as service failures and cyber security threats. They will also train IT support workers.

  7. Develop and implement improved policies and support our staff as they transition to the new policies.

  8. Stay current on emerging security threats, vulnerabilities, and controls.

  9. Troubleshoot general technical issues in triage with partners, vendors, and suppliers.

  10. Support Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs.

What you need for this role

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Spanish.

  • 5+ years incident management or production support industry experience.

  • ITSM experience, preferably in a managerial role.

  • Strong knowledge of IT service management software including ITIL and COBIT.

  • Experience working with IT systems and software such as Azure, SolarWinds, Datadog, Nagios XI or similar.

  • Strong problem solving, analytical, and time management skills.

  • Teamwork and flawless delivery of great customer experience.

  • BA/BS degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent field preferred.


To apply for this role please submit your LinkedIn URL and your resume or CV, and optional covering letter, to careers@zenus.com



San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bogota, Columbia


Permanent (40+ hrs/week)


To be negotiated


Chief Information Officer


None, for now

*Zenus Bank will not open any account or process any transactions from countries which have been sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control 'OFAC 
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