Zenus makes it easy and safe for everyone to access, send, receive and store money in the United States from anywhere in the world.

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Easily open a US bank account from home and use it anywhere in the world.


Award Winning digital banking technology accessible via Web, Mobile, Tablet and Debit Card


Strong US banking regulations guarantee complete confidentiality for international clients.


Strong US banking regulations guarantee complete confidentiality for international clients.

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Keep your money safely in the United States and have your funds available 24/7 in any corner of the world with your Zen Card.


Advanced banking features for corporate and SME customers. Multi-Currency accounts, global payment channels and merchant services to facilitate e-commerce transactions. A unique borderless bank for the modern business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like many businesses around the world, we’ve been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully the impact has not been too great but has meant our anticipated launch date being moved back to early 2021. Read more about why the launch date has moved.

Zenus Bank is a new digital bank, licensed and regulated as an International Financial Entity. Our aim is to open US banking to the world, breaking down financial barriers and giving people the edge in life. Discover more about Zenus
Zenus is the first bank enabling you to apply for a true US bank account from anywhere in the world. No travel required and you don’t need to be a US citizen or resident.

With your application approved, your Zenus account gives you the flexibility and control to manage your money as you want to:
1. Hold it
2. Spend it online or in-store using your ZenCard
3. Draw it as cash in over 200 local currencies from one of the world's largest ATM networks
4. Make free Zen Transfers (a payment to another Zenus Client)
5. Pay or transfer the money to another person, business or account of your own.
Zenus is a digital bank, meaning we will operate without any branches. You will be able to access our services via the Zenus iOS and Android mobile apps and Online Banking. All the countries that you can bank from are listed in the waitlist application form. If your country is not listed, it’s because our license and regulations preclude us from operating there. This is not something we can change.
Zenus is a bank built for members, unlike other banks we don’t loan or invest your money, so you can access it all, all of the time.  Membership requires a non-refundable application fee payable before applying. If approved, there is a monthly membership fee but your first month’s free.   We’ll release more details on the membership benefits closer to our launch.