Zenus makes it easy and safe for everyone to access, send, receive and store money in the United States from anywhere in the world.

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Open a multi currency US bank account remotely. Zenus accepts individual and business accounts without the need of American residency.

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Easily open a US bank account from home and use it anywhere in the world.


Award Winning digital banking technology accessible via Web, Mobile, Tablet and Debit Card


Strong US banking regulations guarantee complete confidentiality for international clients.


Strong US banking regulations guarantee complete confidentiality for international clients.



Keep your money safely in the United States and have your funds available 24/7 in any corner of the world with your Zen Card.


Advanced banking features for corporate and SME customers. Multi-Currency accounts, global payment channels and merchant services to facilitate e-commerce transactions. A unique borderless bank for the modern business.


Customer fund accounts for regulated financial institutions (brokers, fintech, PSPs) and correspondent services for qualified banks. Get direct access to the US banking system for all your money movement needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A new US Bank with an international banking license that allows us to offer financial services to any individual or corporate entity from any country (not sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control "OFAC").
We are solving a key financial inclusion challenge by removing geopolitical barriers to help people get ahead. We are working hard to give people in emerging economies an alternative to using local traditional banks by offering a new, transparent, digital banking experience on par with leading banks of the world. We want to help millions of people become more financially secure, resilient, confident and independent.
The term Digital Bank means an independent bank without any retail branches, accessible purely remotely using website portals and mobile application. An app with a set of banking functions that are designed to allow an individual to interact entirely through their devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Zenus as a Digital Bank is the ideal means for facilitating global Financial Inclusion as it is able to offer equality, availability, accessibility and opportunities to premium financial services.
Digital “Challenger” banks first made in-roads with consumers who lost faith with traditional brick and mortar banks following the global financial crisis of 2008. These startups “challenged” the traditional incumbent business model by offering an affordable transparent fee structure, providing faster services, and delivering a better user experience through always-available digital interfaces. What sets Zenus apart is its International Banking license which allows it to accept and service customers from any non-sanctioned country around the world – something most digital and traditional banks are not allowed to do under their local regulations. Zenus Bank enjoys the benefits of Market Access, Credit Rating and the Bank Secrecy Act of the United States while maintaining the flexibility of independent regulations afforded to International Financial Entities in a US Territory.
Zenus expects that it will initially be offering bank accounts and a multi-currency debit card before expanding to other services such as merchant processing, investment accounts and correspondent banking.