Target Audience

Three mega-trends define our core client base:

  • Mobility and Pervasive Computing leading to enhanced digital user experience expectations.  The impact of this mega-trend is that end customers today are demanding consistent & intelligent user experiences across any device, any platform, anywhere, at any time.  Banks are expected to be responsive, scalable and flexible in their offering and fully integrated into app-based front ends that work cross platform and across devices. 
  • Urbanization grows the middle class globally, creating banking demand beyond local what traditional incumbents are able to offer. For Zenus this is an opportunity to leverage our International Banking license allowing us to offer inclusive breadth and depth of services in real-time with a mobile digital Web 2.0 experience to customers around the world (something that incumbents cannot even do because of regulatory restrictions, let alone their lack of state-of-the-art technology).
  • Globalization drives demand for cross-border, cross-platform digital banking. Globalization and global marketing make knowledge of instruments, services and products available to premium clients in the U.S. especially easy to discover over the Internet. With Web 2.0 user experiences driving interactions and integration of global information of financial instruments, products and opportunities the socialization of global products creates an opportunity for Zenus to serve a demand that local incumbents cannot meet because of regulations.

Early adopters

For the first year, we will target ‘early adopters’ – these are people who have a higher propensity for a new type of product or service or Zenus’ offering in particular – and this breaks down into niche segments outlined below. The reason these segments are defined is not only because they have a higher propensity for Zenus, but we can also identify and reach them efficiently in our marketing.

Clients of Online Brokers –​ Known clients of online FX, CFD & Cryptocurrency brokerages who already have cross-border money movement operations between their current bank accounts and their broker of choice and experience logistical problems.

Freelancers & outsourced vendors –​ Large demographic of individuals and businesses whose income depends on their ability to sell their often-offshore services at lower costs (an overlapping demographic to those who would benefit from financial inclusion) to customers in developed economies remotely. A US bank account to invoice clients and the ability to pay for operating costs pre-tax (Costs are mostly for SAS services from US/EU companies) is a significant competitive edge. This audience embrace start-ups, Software/Banking as a service and commercial innovation.

Millennials & Fintech enthusiasts -​ People who are generally interested in Fintech – those who use other fintech services, consume fintech content, work in certain industries. This demographic includes people who are both technology savvy and also interested in finance, looking for innovative offerings that optimize their financial performance. In emerging markets, they tend to be the up and coming urban middle class. People who upgrade to the latest technology, like managing their life through apps, work in IT. They are early adopters who tend to be, risk takers and are excited by innovations and look for new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Fans of the United States –​ ​People in the world looking to invest, relocate or associate themselves with the United States. An account with Zenus bank makes this transition easy allowing for individuals to open a banking account and migrating funds as initial step facilitating many US based related transactions to follow such as providing proof of funds, paying for escrow and general shopping needs.

Discontents -​ ​People who are not happy with the status quo, who have distrust in their own local regulated banking environments including those who believe that banking should be improved.

Extending to more mainstream audience

We have also extensively researched targeting broader customer segments, leveraging our offering into adjacent markets and have found that HNW individuals (High net worth clients globally looking for accessible private banking solution) and the offshore startup audience (Businesses incorporated in offshore jurisdictions usually because the shareholders are from different tax jurisdictions) also have a high propensity for Zenus.

As a new category and brand, it is important that we provide reasons to engage with Zenus that would appeal to a more mainstream audience unfamiliar with Zenus Bank. This comes down to finding innovative ways to market our services – Partnership with established Payment Gateways, for example, has proved to be mutually beneficial as these tech firms have established client base that struggles to find an onboarding bank which does not limit processing payments for their global clients. Similarly, we plan to establish partnerships with advice giving service providers such as Accountants, Law Firms and Consulting businesses who specialize in structuring clients with their banking needs.

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