Who’s Zenus Bank for?

You work hard for it, let us make it work harder for you

We’re open to all but think there’s some Zenus People that will really benefit from our services. Especially as you can apply for an account from anywhere in the world and don’t need to be US citizen or resident.

Get the Zenus edge

You’ve worked for your success, want to take opportunities and protect your wealth.  

Zenus is here as your international bank, giving you the edge in life. 

Safe and secure

Concerned about high fluctuations in your local currency? or government and banking practices in your country?  

Rest easy with a Zenus account. Your money is safe in a US regulated bank and benefiting from the strength in the dollar. 

Access as you need it

With web and mobile banking, access your funds when you need to You’re in control, pay or transfer money with ease to the people and businesses you want to.  

Access one of the largest global ATM networks and cash in over 200 countries. You can also make purchases with our widely accepted Visa debit cards. 

As a full reserve bank, we won’t be lending your money to others, meaning you’re free to access all of it, all of the time.  

Our Benefits

Safe & Secure



Frequent traveller


Find yourself aboard or in the US frequently? Make life easier for yourself, with a Zenus account you have the peace of mind you can pay and receive money easily in the US. Not only that, you’ll avoid unnecessary FX fees as they’ll be classed as local payments.

For the international family

Family living or studying in the US? If your children are heading to America to study, pay their fees easily and ensure they have a bank account before they arrive – avoiding significant hassle when you’re there.

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