Influencer Guidelines

Influencer Guidelines

Key Zenus Selling Points:

  • Try the First US Bank designed for International Clients.
  • Opportunity to get a bank account in a stable first-world country.
  • Remote account opening without the need to have American residency.
  • Private account ownership details protected by US Bank Secrecy Act.
  • Pre-Launch reward program for influencers.

Share Zenus On Social Media

Become an influencer by sharing your referral link on social media pages, in FB groups, on Reddit and start earning rewards for signs up to Zenus.

Sign-Up Your Co-Workers Before Anyone Else

Pull up Zenus’ beautiful website at work and when your coworkers ask what you’re looking at, give them the sell. Just make sure they sign-up from your referral link.

Text and Email Your Family and Friends

Share your referral link via text and email with your family and friends.

B2B Partnership

If you are a professional organization and think that your client-base can benefit in having a Zenus Bank account, please contact us to discuss a partnership & explore cross-selling opportunities.

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Management Team

Here’s the team behind Zenus bank and their professional backgrounds

Chairman’s Letter

The concept of a bank was originally designed to provide a lending service to local communities. Local being the key word. However, globalization and disruptive new technologies.