Fee free for 2022

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13 Jun 2022


To reward all our founding members, we've launched a sensational introductory offer! Open a Zenus US bank account with us in 2022 and you'll pay no membership fees for the year - we'll also refund your $50 application fee*. 

We believe that where you're born should not determine the banking services you have access to and are opening US banking up to the world. In fact we have already opened accounts for clients in over 82 countries. 

To become a Zenus client, you don't need to be a US resident or citizen, applying takes less than 10 minutes and, in most instances, we'll give you an instant decision.  

A Zenus account allows you to make ACH payments, as if you were in the USA, SWIFT and Zen Transfers. If you're in a Visa-approved country, you can also gain access to our Zenus Visa Infinite member benefits**. 

So, if you've not done so already, apply for your Zenus bank account today. 

* Membership fees won't apply during 2022 (until 12/31/2022) and the full application fee will be credited to your Zenus Bank account upon account opening (or in the instance that your account isn't opened, we'll refund to the payment method used during your application). The application fee refund offer runs until 12/31/2022. 

**See Visa eligible countries  

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