50,000 fans signed up, are you in?

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3 Jun 2021


50,000 fans signed up, are you in? 

We set out to make Zenus the US bank that supports international people and businesses. We knew from personal experience about the challenges of making international payments, restrictive traditional banks and the difficulties of opening an account.   

We believed there was a demand for a bank that could solve these problems and now we have 50,000 people agreeing with us!  

We’ve achieved a significant milestone for us on our mission to open US banking up to the world. We have our banking licence, our team is growing, and our systems are looking good. We’re not far now from enabling you to access, send, receive and store money in the United States without needing to be a resident or citizen.  

The Zenus Team 

Earn referral rewards  

The more successful referrals you make, the greater the reward. 

If you’ve not already joined the waitlist, what’s stopping you? Sign up now and be first in line to apply for an account and earn rewards for other individuals or businesses you refer to us.   

Promote us with the unique referral URL in the waitlist emails we’ve sent you. 

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Why Zenus Bank?

Zenus is a new US Bank with an international banking license that allows us to offer financial services to any individual or corporate entity from any country.